11 November 2011





In addition to committing to a more patriotic way of life in the early morning hours of November 11th, 2011 - we simultaneously committed ourselves to learning more about our U.S. Servicemembers that were last seen as Prisoners-Of-War, last declared Missing-In-Action, and advancing, including, all that we know ahead about them and the POW/MIA issue as a whole -

in everything we do.


Today - This Subsequent Workload as we see it - is also the Workload Of, By, And For, All Americans...

Rolling Thunder, Inc. & Montgomery Township


Members of Rolling Thunder National were present and in fact, spoke at the Memorial's dedication on Veterans Day 11.11.11. In the years ahead, we would discover that the iconic group was comprised of many wonderful people from all walks of life: genuine and like-minded Americans working in many areas to educate the public about the POW/MIA issues and to care for our Veterans.


The die was cast.