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Serving to preserve Remembrance. ​ 
Keeping Remembrance alive.

The bottom-line is that we represent those who cannot represent themselves - our U.S. Servicemembers without a voice, without a physical presence - fellow Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice - fellow Americans who were last seen as Prisoners-Of-War, last declared Missing-In-Action - by living up to their expectations while simultaneously remembering the service of all.



Wealth Management

Today's American enjoys an accumulated wealth - Our Freedom - earned by others since the First Oath of Enlistment on 14 June 1775 and in fact, even before that going back to 13 December 1636 with the formation of the first militia regiments organized in Massachusetts - Our National Guard today.

As Free Americans - as we live out our life stories - we have an ongoing responsibility - individually, collectively, perpetually - to always honor and remember those who have provided the very ink to write life stories in the first place.

Follow through. The Organization.


Montgomery Township, NJ

Our organization was created, named, in honor of Richard Montgomery who was Killed-In-Action on New Year's Eve 1775 in the Battle of Quebec - making the ultimate sacrifice for a country yet to be officially formed, for a flag that had yet to ever officially fly. His remains would be returned to American soil some 42+ years later. In July 1818, his remains arrived in New York City with 5,000 people attending the procession. His remains were interred on July 8, next to his monument - Our Country's First - at St. Paul's Chapel in Manhattan, which had been completed in 1776. His widow, Janet Livingston was said to be pleased with the ceremony and wrote, "What more could I wish than the high honor that has been conferred on the ashes of my poor soldier."

Our organization and its efforts Pay Tribute to Montgomery perpetually and promotes the Highest of Honor perpetually for Our Country's Heavy Loss since - The More Than 1,000,000+ U.S. SERVICEMEMBERS - STEADY FRIENDS - Who Have Paid Same In The Pursuit Of Freedom - Given Their Lives For us.

This includes our own family member - Pvt. Erman E. Lepley - Killed-In-Action September 26, 1918 - on the very first day of The Meuse–Argonne offensive - Battle of Argonne Forest, France. 


Our de facto first clients

Richard Montgomery
December 2, 1738 – December 31, 1775


General Montgomery is known as America's First National Hero after falling in the Battle of Quebec - New Year's Eve 1775 - his monument in NYC our country's first.


Private Lepley
May 3, 1896 -
September 26, 1918


He was a World War I Era casualty on September 26, 1918. ★ He served with honor in the United States Army. ★ He is remembered by the people of Pennsylvania ★ May his positive example inspire us, as global citizens. ★ When we work together, we can help one another.

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