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Lincoln Tree

Gettysburg Address     

Witness Tree

Through a limited program - on a case-by-case basis - we offer a most-special addition to the American Landscape - offspring from the very tree that oversaw President Lincoln deliver his Gettysburg Address at Soldier's National Cemetery, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


Gettysburg's 'Witness Trees': How Civil-War era honey locust survived, shows US history

Frank Bodani

York Daily Record

June 11, 2019

GETTYSBURG — This ordinary tree, old and battered, is an astonishing survivor from another age.

Maybe no other has "seen" grander strokes of American history and then lived so long to memorialize them. 

This commonplace honey locust in the Soldiers' National Cemetery was a young but strong anchor during the Battle of Gettysburg

It also became a marker to arguably the nation's most famous speech.

And, even now, it defies logic to rally on. 

It is arguably the most iconic tree from the turning point of the Civil War.


Sadly, the tree was severely damaged in a storm and died. It has since been removed.


Seedling Program


Montgomery Township, New Jersey


Veterans Day

A "Lincoln" Honey Locust, descendant of the tree at Gettysburg, witness to the Gettysburg address, was planted by the community as part of the Veterans Day Ceremony at the Montgomery Twp. NJ Veterans Memorial site on 11/11/15.


The seedlings have subsequently been dedicated and planted in numerous States - Towns and Cities, Parks, Cemeteries, and more, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York.


“He who plants a tree, plants a hope.”

― Lucy Larcom


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